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In February of 2016, the Administrative Hearing Commission upgraded its electronic case management system.  This required an extensive electronic data conversion. The open, pending cases were converted to the Case Search Portal.  The Case Search Portal includes documents, decisions and orders for cases pending in February 2016 to the present. 

Closed cases were not able to be converted to the new system.  Instead, the AHC created a searchable database of archived cases, archived decisions, and additionally provided a case list in PDF format. These search materials are located under the “Archived Case Information”.  For cases that were pending as of February 2016, please go to the “Case Search Portal”.  For all other cases, please search the “Archived Search”. The case list provides simply a listing of cases from 7/1/1990 through 7/1/2016.  Note:  there may be some duplication of cases in the Case Search Portal and the Archived Case Information for cases during the transition.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

If you are only interested in viewing decisions in recent cases, please go to the Case Search Portal to search documents, and then enter the word “decision” in the event notes. You can further sort the documents found by clicking the blue headings.

If you are unable to locate a case, please call 573-751-2422 and ask for help with the search portal.

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The Administrative Hearing Commission is a neutral, independent, administrative tribunal. Some of its cases are appeals from decisions of other State agencies. Others are cases that an agency or private person starts at the Administrative Hearing Commission.

The Administrative Hearing Commission has jurisdiction in over 100 statutorily specified matters including State tax, professional licensing, Medicaid provider issues, Highways and Transportation Commission actions relating to railroads and motor carriers, disciplinary actions against State employees, and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). In fiscal year 2012, nearly 2,400 cases were filed at the Administrative Hearing Commission. The Administrative Hearing Commission makes decisions under contested case procedure, usually involving a trial-type hearing. The Commissioners do not sit as a body.  Instead, each Commissioner hears evidence and arguments from the state agency and from the other party and decides a case as an individual.  All such decisions are subject to judicial review.

The Administrative Hearing Commission also contracts with other agencies to assist in their decision-making processes. In such cases, the Administrative Hearing Commission conducts the proceedings, but makes only a recommended decision to the agency. The agency makes the final decision. The procedural law applicable to such cases is the law governing the agency, not the law governing the Administrative Hearing Commission. AHC

Executive Order 17-03

The AHC will accept written comments on its regulations from May 1, 2017 through June 30, 2017. Submit to the attention of Vicki Hale.