The public portal will be updated on a nightly basis.  A document that is filed, issued, etc. will not be available to view on the public portal until the following day.

Once you are logged into the public portal (workspace) you will see at the very top on the left hand side Dashboard and Matters:

Dashboard shows the most recent matters (cases) you have viewed as well as the most recent documents you have viewed.
If you click on Matters at the top left hand of the screen, you will see on the right hand side a ‘Sort by’ section that allows you to define your search by last modified, by Matter ID (case number), Area of Law (DCI, DOH, DOR, etc.) and status (archived, open, etc). 

You can also change the number of matters (cases) that you see on the page by changing it from 10 up to 100 on the bottom right hand side of the page.  You can either scroll from page to page, or you can put a page number in the blank in front of the word ‘Go’ and it will go to that page.

To view information on a particular matter (case), click on the case name.  If you click on the related contact name, it will bring up ALL of the related matters to that contact name.  If that related contact has a lot of cases associated with it (such as Department of Revenue) this may take a while to generate.

Events tab – You can click on the events tab and this will show you the hearing date and time, if a hearing has been scheduled.  This information will also show under Upcoming Events. 

Details tab – This tab shows the general information on the case such as the name of the case, the area of law the case was filed under, and the date the case was opened with the Administrative Hearing Commission.

Documents – To view documents filed in a case, you can download and view any document that has been filed in a case.  You cannot preview or checkout a document.

Please use the button below to enter the portal. You will be prompted for a login name and password, which is provided below.

Login Name:  PORTAL
Password:     portal1234!