This search shows documents only! This search does not show hearing dates.

You know the Case number and just want to see the documents on file: 

If you want to see the documents in a particular case and you know the Matter ID (which is the case number), type the "Matter ID" in the Matter ID box and click "Search".  This will bring up the public documents in the case that have been filed or any orders or decisions.   The "Date" identifies the date of filing or the date ordered or decided.  The "Type" is just a category useful for the AHC.  To view the document, click on the magnifying glass under Actions.

Document Search to find documents of a particular type:

To find documents all of a particular type such as a "Decision", go to ‘Event Type’ and find Decision under Description, highlight the word Decision and click on the word Select at the bottom of the screen.  This will take you back to the Document Search screen.  From this screen click on the Search button.  This will bring up all of the ‘decisions’.  If you want to filter the decisions, by Area of Law, select the Area of Law you want the decisions for, such as DOR, click on Search and you will receive the decisions for DOR cases.  You can then click on ‘Date’ and sort them by the date the decision was issued, from earliest to latest, or latest to earliest, or you can put in a beginning date and ending date and receive them for a specific time period.


This search includes hearing dates but does not allow you to view documents filed. This search is limited to finding basic information about a case.

You can search by Matter ID, Client Sort, Description or Area of Law.

If you know the Matter ID (or case number) you can type that in the "Search For" and make sure that the Search contains Matter ID.

If you know the Party’s FULL Name, you can search for the party’s full name in the "Search For":  and make sure that the Search by contains Description.

If you have a last name, but no first name, use "%  name", or use the percentage sign for the information that you do not know, include a space and then search.  For example, if you want to see all of the cases involving the Director of Revenue, use "%  revenue" and search by description.  That will find all cases involving the Director of Revenue.

For searching by Area of Law – you can put in DIFP for Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions & Professional Registration to bring up all cases under this Area of Law; you can put in DOR for cases under the Department of Revenue; this is again mainly used by the AHC for designation of the state agency involved.


Use to find out if a case is set for hearing or to see all cases that are set for a particular time period. This provides general case information and does not show documents.

Search by Matter ID:  put the case number in the search and click "Search" and "List View".  If the case is set for hearing, the information about the hearing date will be found.

Search by Area of Law:  if you know the area of law, for example, a case involving the "Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration", the abbreviation is "DIFP".  If you choose that area of law, you can find all "DIFP" cases that are currently set for hearing.

Search by Start Date or End Date or Both:  if you want to find all cases set on a particular date, you can enter that date in the "Start Date" and "End Date", and click "List View".  You will see all cases set for that day. 

If you want to see all cases set for a particular week, you can enter those dates and click "List View". 

You can then click on the calendared event and see the type of hearing, the date and length of hearing, time zone, and place the location of hearing.

"Client Sort" is built into the program and could not be changed.  It is used by the AHC for designation of the state agency involved. The AHC has no "clients". 


Due to a large volume of complaints being filed, there may be a delay in new case filings appearing on our portal. The Administrative Hearing Commission staff are working diligently to process all new complaints in the order in which they have been received.

Thank you for your patience.

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